About us

MechVib, the Mechanics and Vibration Research Group at the University of Ferrara is a group of researchers and professors actives in the field of mechanics of machines, machine dynamics, vibration analysis and vibration diagnostics

MechVib is active since 2004 at the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara in several projects as:

  • Noise and vibration optimization of mechanisms and machines
  • Condition monitoring & fault diagnostics of gears and rotordynamic systems
  • Dynamic analysis, simulation & test
  • Modal Analysis and Vibration Tests
  • Dynamic modeling of machines & mechanisms.

MechVib is particularly active in research activity in collaboration with industry and transfer of knowledge.
The group belongs to the laboratory MechLAV (Advanced Mechanics Lab – Ferrara Technopole, www.unife.it/international/research/technopoles , www.unife.it/tecnopolo/lav ) set up in 2010.

MechVib is currently involved in many regional, national and international research programmes and thematic networks, including the recent European projects EDSVS I & II, MARE-WINT, COST Action TU1105.