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Buzzoni M; D'Elia G; Cocconcelli M

A tool for validating and benchmarking signal processing techniques applied to machine diagnosis (Journal paper)

Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2020.

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Hamadache M; D'Elia G; Dalpiaz G

On the nyquist frequency of random sampled signals (Book Chapter)

15 , Applied Condition Monitoring, 2019.

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Buzzoni M; Antoni J; D'Elia G

Blind deconvolution based on cyclostationarity maximization and its application to fault identification (Journal paper)

Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2018.

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Buzzoni M; Soave E; D'Elia G; Mucchi E; Dalpiaz G

Development of an Indicator for the Assessment of Damage Level in Rolling Element Bearings Based on Blind Deconvolution Methods (Journal paper)

Shock and Vibration, 2018.

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