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Musella Umberto; D'Elia Giacomo; Carrella Alex; Peeters Bart; Mucchi Emiliano; Marulo Francesco; Guillaume Patrick

A minimum drives automatic target definition procedure for multi-axis random control testing (Journal paper)

Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2018.

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Musella Umberto; D’Elia Giacomo; Manzato Simone; Peeters Bart; Marulo Francesco; Guillaume Patrick; Mucchi Emiliano

Tackling the target matrix definition in MIMO Random Vibration Control testing (Journal paper)

Proceedings of 30th Aerospace Testing Seminar (ATS), 2017.

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Luczak Marcin; Vecchio Antonio; Gielen Ludo; Mucchi Emiliano; Peeters Bart

Variability in Composite Structure Vibration Measurement and Numerical Model Updating (Conference)

IMAC2009 , 2009.

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