ISMA 2018 – International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering

By 26 Settembre 2018 No Comments

On 17-19 September in Leuven (Belgium), MechVib Research Group took part in the 28th edition of the biennial “ISMA International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering”, organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the KU Leuven.
Since 2004, MechVib Research Group has always been present at ISMA, one of the most important conference focusing on structural dynamics, modal testing and noise and vibration engineering.

This year MechVib Research Group presented three works:

  • M. Battarra and E. Mucchi, “Detecting cavitation inception in external gear pumps by means of vibro-acoustic measurements”.
  • G. D’Elia, U. Musella, E. Mucchi, B. Peeters and P. Guillaume, “Drives power reduction procedure to fill in the multiple-input multiple-output random control reference matrix”.
  • M. Buzzoni, E. Soave, G. D’Elia, E. Mucchi and G. Dalpiaz, “A diagnostic protocol for the monitoring of bearing fault evolution based on blind deconvolution algorithms”.